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60mm '87-'90 RENIX Throttle Body 

Auto or Manual Tranny

renix tb

At last, a decent performance t-body for that tired Renix 4.0L! The stock Renix T-body is almost as tiny as a stock 2.5L F.I. t-body. 60mm is a huge (look below)increase in bore size! The t-body bore is the one of the biggest differences in the Renix and H.O. setup.

This is one of the tougher and more complex t-bodies to work on, and absolute pain. It has to be just right. Nice large aluminum throttle plate fitted.  Be careful of what you buy!

Price for a Renix t-body is $110 plus a $70 refundable core charge plus ship. All cores must be a fully functional Renix T-body. Cores must be returned within thirty days of receiving my shipment.

A note on Throttle Body finish- Lets face it, these T-Bodies are made from cast zinc and they're used. Their beauty fades quickly after a few years and the Renix units have been on the road for 20 years now.  

If you are looking for a shiny showroom finish, I'm not going to have what you need. You can order one powder coated or send me one to bore but, I cannot promise a fancy finish otherwise.