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Low tech order form!
*Please read the Core return Policy
Please read my refund policy

Sorry, nothing fancy here! For all inquiries and ordering, please email me and let me know what you would like to order. Please include your ZIP at:

or which is my Paypal address also.

All prices on the site are up to date. I take Paypal or Money Orders. 

To keep it simple, I prefer Paypal. It is a lot easier to refund your core deposit that way.

What did you expect? I'm a machinist!

       4.0L Throttle body                     PRICE     CORE CHARGE 

'87-'90 60mm Throttle body    $110.00         $70.00

'91-'95 63mm Throttle body    $100.00         $70.00

'96-'04 63mm Throttle body    $100.00         $70.00

'05-'06 63mm Throttle body    $100.00         $90.00

1 inch 63mm throttle body spacers               $65.00

Widened 63mm Throttle body gasket           $5.00

All '91-'04 Throttle bodies can be machined to 62mm, 62.5mm or 63mm at your request. 

I can safely machine YOUR '91-'04 T-body up to 64mm.

I only do powder coating now for those wanting showroom ready product, please ask for pricing and availability as I do not stock powder coated t-bodys anymore.


2229 piston dishing               $130.00 per set, plus shipping                     
    MAP adjuster                       $35.00

Stroker Decal                         $5.00 ea 

Core return policy: 

All throttle body cores must be fully functional. I do not accept any cores that have unrepairable damage to the casting. Giving your core deposit back means that I am buying it. Treat it as something you want to sell. Contact me if you have any damage, broken bolts, stripped threads, etc.  In many cases I can fix it but, I would like to be paid for my time.  

Any unacceptable cores must be shipped back at the customers expense.


Refund Policy: 

I don't have to deal with this much but here it is:

I will refund the purchase price and any core deposit  if you are not satisfied with the product. I do not refund shipping unless I have screwed your order up or otherwise your disatisfaction is due to my own stupidity. Only fair.