Jeep 2.5L, 4.0L and 4.6L Stroker Parts
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'91 to '04 Precision 63MM Throttle Body


Widened 63mm gaskets now available! $4.00ea

All Throttle bodies can be machined to 62mm, 62.5mm, 63mm or even 64mm at your request.

Absolutely no whistle! 

I don't stock powder coated t-bodys. If you want one powder coated, please ask for pricing and availability.   

    The easiest performance gain for the money you will find. The stock 4.0L throttle body measures a mere 59mm plus a major restriction of 55mm at the bottom which keeps the air from really flowing at low throttle openings. They were engineered that way to provide a smooth takeoff and ride. Boring the throttle body 63mm straight through does away with the restriction and increases airflow at all positions of the throttle. You will notice an immediate difference in power and torque due to the increased airflow and best of all-NO turbulence from poor machining or that annoying power robbing whistle!

Sensors are NOT included. Simply swap out the sensors from your stock unit. A core charge of $70.00 is required and will be promptly refunded when I receive a fully functional 4.0L throttle body from you. I do not take 2.5L throttle bodys as core.

Price for a T-body is $100.00 plus the $70.00 core. All cores must be a fully functional 4.0L T-body and the same year as the one you purchased. Cores must be returned within two weeks of receiving my shipment.

A note on Throttle Body finish- Lets face it, these T-Bodies are made from cast zinc and they're used. Their beauty fades quickly after a few years and some of them have been on the road for many years now.  

Below is a pic of how they look after a trip to the blasting cabinent.